Kabinett - Introduction

Why a Kabinett? The term Kabinett stands for something intimate, something that has emerged and been preserved with great care over the course of many decades and, above all, something that should remain fruitfully workable despite substantial holdings.

The Jacques Herzog und Pierre de Meuron Kabinett, Basel, is a charitable foundation established in 2015, comprising of three sub-Kabinetts—Architektur, Kunst, and Foto—with the aim to keep these holdings intact as a cultural asset and to work with them in their specificity. Our goal, first and foremost, is to have the estates permanently domiciled in Basel in their entirety, such that they may contribute to the cultural substance of our native city, which has been a lifelong inspiration to us.

An extremely diverse concentration of mutually complementary parts is integrated into the Kabinett, representing the multiplicity and openness that has always been crucial to our collaborative approach.

—Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, July 2020


Jacques Herzog und Pierre de Meuron Kabinett, Basel (Foundation)
Rheinschanze 6, 4056, Basel, Switzerland

Board of Foundation
Jacques Herzog (President), Pierre de Meuron (Vice President),
Director of the Kunstmuseum Basel,
Esther Zumsteg (Director, Kabinett)

Please note that the Kabinett is not open to the public. Access is possible by appointment for research and study. Making the Kabinett, or parts of it, accessible to the public is one of various future scenarios. Inquiries can be sent to kabinett@herzogdemeuron.notexisting@nodomain.comcom